Planning Process

Ultimately, our goal is to help you obtain a sense of personal and financial
well-being, regardless of how simple or complex your needs may be.

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Financial Planning

Risk Management - Even the best plans can't predict the future. We provide risk management strategies that leverage various types of insurance to help you face life's unforeseen circumstances and keep your goals on track.

Retirement Planning - We help you manage your retirement investments through different stages of life so you can realize your ultimate dreams.

Education Planning - Children grow up so fast, and we can help their college funds grow along with them. With our help and the proper strategy, you'll be prepared for any acceptance letter.

Charitable Legacy Planning - We offer help with maximizing your legacy to benefit your community and the organizations that mean the most to you.

Business Succession / Exit Planning - Be ready for anything, especially when it comes to protecting your company. We can help by providing smart solutions for your employee benefit, protection, and business succession needs.

Estate Planning / Conservation - We can assist you in preserving and growing your estate through the use of various planning tools and investment vehicles. Working in conjunction with legal and tax professionals, we are well qualified to address even the most complex estate issues.



Ensuring you receive the best possible guidance begins with an in-depth assessment of your current financial situation. We seek to gain a clear understanding of your goals and personal sentiments about investing. We begin by asking a lot of questions and speak to you about all aspects of your financial life. Only once we both understand where you are and what you are trying to accomplish can we then begin to develop an actionable plan.

“Am I using the right tax-advantaged strategies to help me keep more of what I earn and invest?”

“Am I taking the appropriate amount of risk with my investment given my objectives?”

“Are my personal and business assets protected from outside influences or unexpected events that could threaten my lifestyle?”

“Is the manner in which I hold title to my assets and beneficiary designations consistent with my estate planning documents?

“If one of us needs nursing care, how will that impact our standard of living- our legacy?”

By keeping you focused on your goals, we help you stay on track. And because we know your objectives may change over time, we approach financial planning as a dynamic, ongoing process that accommodates inevitable changes….tax laws and the economy.


Sample Traditional Client

Jon & Katie Traditional have a $1M net worth. Their concerns are proper handling of their investments and their ability to retire as desired. Plans are included to reflect several options to maximize their retirement lifestyle. Also included are plans to adjust their investment allocation and insurance coverage.(Sample Reports Below)


Sample Affluent Client

Luke & Jen Affluent have a $7M net worth. They have not performed any estate planning and are projected to have a large transfer cost burden to heirs. Techniques are recommended in order to reduce estate taxes and maximize the transfer to heirs while achieving some lifetime goals. Also included is a "bad news" plan where the clients retire early but experience higher inflation and tax rates. (Sample Reports Below)