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Strategic Financial Associates, LLC (SFA) is a holistic financial planning and wealth management firm that specializes in working with executives, business owners and affluent individuals and families. Committed to the belief that the only plan that truly succeeds is customized to fit your individual needs, we take exceptional care to understand your unique financial situation, goals and objectives and tolerance for risk. Utilizing the best analytical tools available to us, we design and continually monitor your plan to ensure optimal results and relevance. Whether you are in the accumulation, preservation or distribution phase of your financial life, we can assist you with both building and managing a customized solution.


What Sets Us Apart?

While many advisors focus on various individual components of their clients’ lives, we strive to understand your entire financial picture. We advocate a holistic approach because the best results are achieved when plans are developed, executed and amended in consideration of all the possible factors impacting your financial security. No matter how simple or complex your situation may be, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve both personal and financial well-being.

Passionate about our commitment to outstanding client service, we pride ourselves on maintaining continual communication. Staffed with over twenty-five professionals who are each responsible for a particular area of expertise, our firm is uniquely equipped to address all of your planning and investment needs. No inquiry is too big or too small. We encourage all of our clients to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Who We Serve

Strategic Financial Associates, LLC (SFA) specializes in working with business owners, executives
and affluent families to accumulate, preserve and eventually distribute their wealth.