Estate & Legacy Planning

Many people make the assumption that estate planning is only necessary for the very wealthy and this is simply not true. Whether you already have a large nest egg or are still working to build one, your final wishes should be clearly articulated. Advanced medical directives, asset distribution and the care and custody of minor children are just a few of the concerns that should be addressed in the event of your death. Regardless of how simple or complicated your financial situation may be, SFA can assist you in designing an estate plan tailored to your specific needs.


Asset Conservation & Transfer

Ensuring that your assets are properly titled is critical to both conserving and transferring wealth to your beneficiaries. We work with you to structure an estate plan that utilizes legal and tax strategies intended to preserve your assets and transfer them to your designated heirs in the most tax-efficient manner possible. We routinely work with clients’ accounting or legal professionals, and customarily act as a key point of contact coordinating efforts on your behalf.


Charitable Gifting Strategies

Charitable gifting is a priority for many of our clients, and we can help you determine the best strategy to fund your philanthropy. Gifts or bequests of cash or property to a qualified charity are generally entitled to a 100% deduction when calculating transfer taxes (i.e. estate, generation-skipping or gift). Charitable income tax deductions, on the other hand, may well be limited according to IRS rules.

We possess extensive experience structuring and funding gifting vehicles, including but not limited to: Charitable Lead Trusts; Charitable Remainder Trusts; Donor Advised Funds; family foundations, lifetime or testamentary asset transfers. Our clients benefit from our expertise in identifying, crafting and managing strategies that reduce their tax burden and fund their favorite charities.


Educational Funding

As college costs continue to rise, you may be concerned about funding your children’s or grandchildren’s undergraduate and/or graduate education. Tax-efficient strategies exist that can be utilized to systematically save and distribute assets specifically for educational purposes. From simple 529 College Savings Plans to more complex solutions, SFA can assist you in ensuring that your loved ones can afford to attend the school of their dreams.